Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Family Funny Moments

So a couple of days ago i lost my cell phone. It was a terrifying experiance and i felt naked for those two days. Anyways, I realized that I record all of my "Family Funny Moments" on my phone, and that those were lost as well. Well, now that i've found it (my phone), i'm going to record those moments on my blog so that they will never be "lost" again :) Enjoy!

Watching Return to Me (the part right after his wife dies) with Lottie-
Baby: Why is he crying? 
Miki: Cause his wife just died.
Baby: Oh that's sad. Does he have some daughters?
Miki: No.
Babt: oh no! Did they die too!?

Sitting in the living room with phoebe and my friend Jessica, right before dinner-
Jessica: (to miki) You smell good.
Phoebe: Oh that is you!? I was just thinkin' "mmmmmm, Grammy's bakin' something yummy!" ;)

Lottie at dinner...(we all know how i feel about dinner....)-
Mom: Lottie eat your food. If you don't finish in 20 mins when the timer goes off you wont get any ice cream.
Baby:....(saddest experession)...You didn't even say sorry to be mean mom.

Zoe telling us about her birthday party (she's the same age as Tabi)-
Zoe: Then Cru (baby) and Uncle Sean came over and I even got to hold him on my lap!
Tabi: (horrified) YOU HELD SEAN ON YOUR LAP?!?!

Tabi was laying on her stomach. Lottie came over and started standing on her legs just to be obnoxious-
Tabi: Lottie get off!!! ooowwww!!! You did that on purpose!
Lottie: I don't have any purpose!!

Miki: I love your new hair cut Grammy, it's got so much volume!
Grammy: Only radio's have volume.....

Phoebe: Please stop singing Lottie. You are distracting me from my homework.
Lottie: Well you are DISCRATCHING me from MYYYY homework. ;)

Lottie reading her scriptures-
Lottie: Lehi just got the golden plates real quick. Oh! Then he went to Quick Trip (QT) and got a smoothie!

That's it for now. I'm sure when i'm back home this summer there will be more. :) 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Costume!

I have officially decided what i want to be for halloween.
When I start walking down the street, i want people to say "Who's that girl? Who's that girl????"
And i will sing back to them: "It's Jess." :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The reasoning behind "You don't know my life..."

My name is Miki, and I felt the need to share why I decided to title my blog "You don't know my life...". Well the reason is....because...you don't know my life.
HA! just joking. :)
I've learned through my high school experience that teenagers are annoying. So, in order to get them to shut their mouths while they were purposefully irritating me i would always just say "You don't know my life." (usually in a strange accent or a creeper tone of voice ;) Everytime without fail, there was no come back to that statement. They would just stare at me dumbfounded.....or laugh.
Surprisingly, that statement has just stuck with me and I continue to use it now...mostly just to be funny. I encourage all of you to try it out sometime. Here are some real life examples of when the phrase can be used appropriately: (Note: be sure to say it dramatically, otherwise the poor person will probably take you seriously).

Person Number 1: Hey Miki!
Me: (Monotone) You don't know my life.

Person Number 2: Miki why do you always cross your eyes in the middle of our conversations?
Me: (Creeper) You don't know my life.

Person Number 3: Woah! You graduated high school a year early? Why did you do that?!
Me: You don't know my life. (This example saved me a lot of time, because in reality the answer would be hours of me complaining about the Public School system, and the joke of what high school really is. It goes to show that saying this phrase can save both Me and Person Number 3 a lot of time to do other productive things. Like Blogging ;)

My personal favorite...
Person Number 4: Miki, why did you title your blog "You don't know my life.."???
Me: Ummmm....well....you see....because.....(speedy) YOU DON'T KNOW MY LIFE!

Person Number 4: Did you seriously cry during that movie?
Me: (Evil death glare) You don't know my life.

Person Number 5 (a family member): Miki, can you please get off Facebook and set the table??
Person Number 5: I know i don't know your life, so can you please just do it anyways?!
Me: Ok :)

The end.

Now, as far as life goes...the family and I took my sister Kyli to the airport this morning at 5:00 am. She is reporting to the MTC and will be there for about 9 weeks. After which she will continue on to serve her mission in the Utah Salt Lake City Temple Square Mission (the longest mission name ever!) She will be preaching the gospel in American Sigh Language. I am so proud of her and her decision and can't wait to here about her life for the next 18 months. :) oh...and yeah...i cried. :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Child. Eat. Your. FOOD!!!!

My name is Miki, and i have 4 younger sisters. Who all have mouths, that like to eat food. They like to eat cheeto's and graham crackers and frozen yogurt and bananas and apples and grapes, and cheese. However, when it comes to actual meals....it's a different story. I mean, why is dinner such a difficult meal to eat?!
okay we got breakfast: "Oh sure i'll put some sugar crap in a bowl and pour some milk in it. Woah, look at that you finished in in lest than 5 mins. Om num num"
Then we got lunch: "Oh look there's ramen, and mac and cheese, it only took two minutes to cook, no big deal. Of Course i'll eat it, no complaints. Om num num."
And now it's dinner time: "(Evil child glaring at properly prepared meal on plate).......(silence).......You spent......45 mins.....cooking THAT!?!?!?! I dont want to eat it!!!!
The only way i can get them to eat their dinner in less than 142 mins, is if i threaten to take away their dessert. Which is usually like an apple or peach or something anyways.
This all leads up to todays conversation between Myself, Kyli, and My Mother.
Mom: I got some chicken nuggets that you can make a dinner out of. They just need something to go with them.
Kyli: Do we have tater tots? That would work. Or french fries or something.
Mom: Well there's some corn here....
Kyli: Yeah that would work well. Miki what goes with chicken nuggets.
Miki: Water.
I win.
Then, as the night went on, and children were leaving the table...another conversation about dinner took place. (Note: I dislike TUNA FISH with all my heart.)
Kyli: Miki, you're going to have to learn how to make Tuna for dinner because it's easy, and your kids are probably going to LOVE it.
Miki: Um....my kids aren't going to be eatting dinner.
And THAT, dear readers, is my opinion on dinner. The most child resistant meal on the planet.